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Windshield Ceramic Coated

  • 1 h
  • 120 US dollars
  • Newport Gap Pike

Service Description

Windshield will be Polished & Coated with 1 layer of Ceramic Pro Glass. Each additional layer $40. Nonetheless, if you should decide to apply a nano-coating to glass, it can provide multiple benefits that outweigh wax and other water-reflecting glass coatings. Improved Visibility During poor weather such as fog, cloudiness, or a rainstorm, it becomes difficult to see through your front windshield, rear windshield, and side windows. This is especially the case when it is raining, as the water blocks your view completely until the windshield wipers get activated. Since the ceramic coating is hydrophobic, this is a case where it is especially helpful. Ceramic coating being hydrophobic means it provides a flat, smooth surface that is resistant to water. This means that when it is raining outside, the water will not stick to the glass itself as easily which will make it much easier for you to see outside of your vehicle, which will make you much safer, as improved visibility will help you avoid potential accidents. Easier Cleaning With a ceramic coating on your car’s glass, contaminants that are usually difficult to remove such as bug splatters, bird droppings, tree sap, etc. wipe off much easier. This is most helpful if you drive a commercial truck or frequently go on long road trips since your windshield will stay clean much longer and when it does get dirty, will be easier to clean. Enhanced Clarity One great benefit of ceramic coating your glass is that it both repels water and greatly improves visibility without leaving behind any sort of cloudiness or haziness, unlike other products. During times of day where there is little light and/or fog and cloudiness, having crystal clear windows and windshields will always beat having reduced visibility caused by inferior products. When properly applied, you can expect a ceramic coating to leave behind no residue, film, or anything else that can negatively affect visibility. Ceramic coating is also UV resistant, which helps in terms of clarity since there is less glare from the sun that can mess with your view. This anti-glare is also helpful when driving at night to protect against the headlights from other cars.

Cancellation Policy

Failure to provide 24 hours advance notice of cancellation will result in a minimum charge of $40, this also applies to same day appointments that are cancelled.

Contact Details

  • 1323 Newport Gap Pike, Newport, DE, USA

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